Penis head is too sensitive

A sensitive penis tip is something which comes in the way of satisfactory sexual life of many couples. It can make men lose their erection and even cause erectile dysfunction , mentions Dr Ashish Mittal. It is also known as balanitis, which is an infection in which a person feels uncomfortable in sensitive areas of the body like the end of the penis and the lose flap of skin which covers the tip of penis. The condition can be treated with regular care and some medication.
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My boyfriend's penis is so sensitive

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Sensitive Penis Tip Playing Havoc With Your Sex Life? Here's What You Can Do About It

It has been like this for as long as I can remember. I am 21, not circumcised and I cannot touch it. My foreskin is also tight - sex is sometimes painful if my foreskin goes back and the tip of my penis is exposed. I can certainly understand your anxiety. Normally the foreskin separates from the head of the penis or glans during infancy, although it may take longer in some children. Once this has happened it gradually stretches so that it can retract back behind the glans even in the erect penis. As you have found this normally occurs during intercourse.
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Sensitive Penis Tip Playing Havoc With Your Sex Life? Here's What You Can Do About It

This discomfort can be minor in some cases while in some cases you may find it painful. So, why is the penis glans so over-sensitive or painful if you have phimosis? Hence, the glans will take some time and outside exposure to feel less sensitive. However, it is very easy to solve in a small to medium amount of time, as we will explain later. It can also be referred to as the head of the penis.
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Day 4 Post op after circumcision, can anyone give me some advice.. Im 25 and was circumcised due to phimosis which prevented me from pulling back my foreskin at all, but the head of my penis is HYPER sensitive and is at the point where it is unbearable!! I know its still very early in the healing process but i cannot wear underwear or even go to sleep without having my penis wrapped up in some gauze or toilet paper!
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