Adultier adult

Since starting at Brenau in August, I often find myself looking around wondering what to do and seeking guidance from adults. I then realized that wait — I am an adult, too — and I am epically failing at it. So then I started seeking adults that were wiser than I was about life — you know, an adultier adult. An adult who has been through this chapter of life and guess what I decided that I would adopt an adultier adult to show me guidance and be there on the rough days. So, what makes this person so wonderful?
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The Adultier Adult

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Urban Dictionary: Adultier

I could really do with Julie Andrews popping up and sorting my life out. I love having room to host dinners now. So, a few days ago, I was telling my mom that I need an adultier adult to help me with adult things. She brushed it off as a stupid phrase. Then, today, I told her I got myself dino nuggets at the supermarket, and you know what she said?
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Help! I Need an Adultier Adult Please!

That ought to be a thing. So, where exactly has the year gone? Six months ago I was a pretty happy girl, living in a little bubble of love and pink sparkles and flowing champagne figuratively speaking. The bubble has popped. Destroyed by a giant shark-shaped knife of gloom and darkness sharks are scary; just imagine it.
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They had big dreams of how great it would be to not have rules, do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, and be able to gain access to those privileges that required you to be 18 to enjoy. They somehow ignored all the things their dad and I told them about the other side of becoming an adult — getting a job, paying bills, saving money, paying consequences for decisions and not having mom and dad clean up the mess! This younger generation has been a little bit slower on realizing what adulthood encompasses. They even created a verb usage of the word — adulting!
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