Pokemon weight gain

Then she shook her head furiously. She shook it at her reflection and even gave it a light smack. However, Ron would have to do some drastic measures to get it. Soon enough, the machine finally ran out of donuts, much to the disappointment of both Sly and Carmelita. Carmelita began blushing a bit. She loved how wearing it made her feel, and she chuckled at the prospect of turning a head or two.
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Pokemon Tf and Weight Gain

Warning: This is a weight gain fanfiction, and if you're not into that kind of thing then you probably should avoid reading this. The bright sun shone down upon another beautiful day in the Kalos region, illuminating the land below. In Lumiose city, the light pierced the horizon and lit up the open roads, brightening the small shops lining the sidewalk and reflecting light onto the tall Prism tower that stretched up to touch the sky itself. As the morning progressed, people all over the city began to stir, waking up and going about their daily tasks. Some went outside to go to their places of work, some opened up their shops or businesses, and others simply strolled along the sidewalk looking for something to do. Not far off, in the countryside of Kalos, another group of travelers were also waking up, albeit not as peacefully. One boy, one girl, and a Pikachu slowly opened their blurred eyes to the blinding sun.
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the greedy pikachu

I got a Pikachu! When she'd get home, she'd let the Pikachu out and giggle, watching it stumble about a bit, and looking up at it's new Trainer. She'd reach down and rub it's head "Pika!
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